So what’s going on in Turkey?

Thanks to the internet, news is getting out, but for a couple of days only little was found on the old news sources like radio and tv.

So what’s going on in Turkey?

It all started with protests again the leveling of Taksim Gezi Park
Alper Balli  from BBC Turkish explained it like this:

People are angry and frustrated at the government’s decision to build a shopping centre at the expense of one of Istanbul’s most famous parks. But what started as a protest against the uprooting of trees is turning into a wider platform for expressing anger against government policies.

Environmentalists have been joined by gay and lesbian groups, as well as socialists, union workers, members of opposition parties from across the political landscape and even so-called “anti-capitalist Muslims”. The excessive use of force by the riot police and the insistence of the government to pursue their plans for the park have escalated tensions.

Taksim Square has political significance for the anti-government protests. As part of the reconstruction plans, the square was banned as a venue for this year’s May Day rally and any kind of demonstrations in the future; but now the government’s heavy handed approach risks turning the square into a focal point for protests against its policies.




The interesting part of this all is

  • the extreme use of force of the Turkish Police to clear the area
  • not all demonstrators are leftist radicals, check out the news photos and you see whole families of normal peaceful people
  • the media blackout in Turkey, it almost looks like they had an order from someone at the top
  • the fact that Turkey changed under PM Erdogan from a modern secular state to something that starts to feel like Iran
    Just think of the new law banning alcohol advertising and tightened restrictions on its sale on Friday
    (and there are more examples showing the slow but steady change of Turkey into Iran)


So, WHY is this happening?

Fadi Hakura / The Turkey Project explained it like this:

These protests reflect, in part, the deep ideological polarization between secular, liberal-minded Turks, and the more religious Turks, representing a quarter and two-thirds of the population respectively based on the 2011 general election results.

Many secular Turks complain that the Islamist-rooted government is intolerant of criticism and the diversity of lifestyles. So far, Erdogan’s robust and muscular stance vis-à-vis the demonstrators has reinforced those perceptions.


And there is the root of the problem..  democracy!
(ok ok, the abuse of democracy)
Most people think that democracy is something good, but.. (there’s always a but..) they forget that pure democracy means:

    • government by the people; especially : rule of the majority

In other words..  minority interests aren’t protected and you even can call it the tyranny of the majority.

Turkey is a republic, yes I know, but since PM Erdogan used the argument of having the support of the majority about almost everything  he does, it’s a good example of someone abusing such support

Remember there is none to limited news coverage about what’s happening in Turkey. That way, most of the people don’t know what’s happening or only know what the state supported news is allowed to tell them. As long as the people in Turkey don’t know the truth, they will continue support their great leader, because he knows what’s best for them, right?

I wonder, will PM Erdogan stay in office or is this the start of a Turkish Spring, giving the Turkish people their rights back?

Check out these news sources to get an impression about what’s happening in Turkey:

Oh..  Don’t forget that everyone on Social media lies about what happens in Turkey, so says Mr Erdogan himself (so it must be true then..right?)




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