update – Did Twitter break it’s own rules to silence critical journalist Guy Adams?

Lots and lots of people see Twitter as _the_ tool for free speech  ..but..
at the end of the day Twitter is just a company like many others.. The didn’t put loads of money and energy into the company so you can enjoy their service..   for free

Remember TANSTAAFL ?

Twitter & NBC are working together for the Olympics
If you think that the Olympics are there for your amusement, then you got it wrong!
NBC will make a ton of money bringing it to the USA

So, what happened?
Maybe not all of you followed the news, so this is what happened in a nutshell:

An independent journalist named Guy Adams Tweeted about NBC’s awful coverage of the Olympics and the man in charge of that, NBC executive Gary Zenkel

“The man responsible for NBC pretending the Olympics haven’t started yet is Gary Zenkel,” it read. “Tell him what u think!”

and he also posted the corporate e-mail address of Gary Zenkel..

IMHO I think that was great! Gary Zenkel is _the_ man responsible for the time delayed coverage of the Olympics in the USA (west coast). An idea to make more money (delayed to a prime time moment), not to better inform the Americans. So where better to complain than to the man in charge?

A journalist was critical about some money making scheme of a big company, so what happened?

That journalist’s Twitter account got.. suspended!!
Even worse, the reason why.. was false!
Guy Adams was told he did’t follow the Twitter rules by publishing private info.

The e-mail address published was not private, but a corporate e-mail address..
..and.. it was even published before on the internet!

This is so wrong!
How can we trust Twitter when it will break it’s own rules whenever it feels like ??

Was this official Twitter policy, to BAN everyone who’s critical..
..or.. was this a huge fuckup by Twitter management?

We all wait for Twitter’s reaction on this..





Twitter did react!   Guy Adams is back on Twitter



And this is the explanation from Twitter:

Your account was suspended because a complaint was filed stating that you had violated our terms of service,” it read. “We have just received an updated notice from the complainant retracting the original request. Therefore, your account has been unsuspended, and no further action is required from you at this time.

Of course.. the story doesn’t end here and Guy Adams already responded with this article: